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Free Internet or Free Power Supply?
This or That

Free Internet or Free Power Supply? 

Think about it; what if you were asked to pick between free internet and free power supply FOR LIFE? If you are thinking of which and can’t seem to make up your mind, I do not blame you one bit. There are great perks to each choice.

I mean, if you choose free Power Supply, you will never have to see another PHCN light bill in your life. You could use your prepaid meter as a piñata and sing victory war songs while you do so. You’d also never have to step out with an un-ironed wear and you can kiss lukewarm drinks good bye.

On the other hand, if you pick free internet, you’d never have to curse MTN for gulping down your data again. You could stay on Tik Tok and Instagram all day long. More so, you can finally download Netflix and watch all the movies you could ever desire online.

However, if you look at it deeply, there is a catch. Free power supply doesn’t actually mean there would always be light (insert dramatic gasp). So you could literally not have to pay for the power but only get an hour each day- or month.

On the other side, free data doesn’t equal stable network (GLO users left the chat).  You can have free access to the internet with an internet speed that crawls slower than a tortoise carrying a bucket of water.

Clearly, there are a lot of loopholes and now it is harder to pick. I think this is what they had in mind when they said all not everything that glitters is goldL.

Perhaps, the best way to make a choice in this situation is to consider what you actually need. I honestly feel that power supply is more important that data but it goes deeper. Where I live, there is semi-stable power supply (except when Chelsea loses matches, I swear PHCN supports Chelsea) and my power bill is only a token. However, I find that I spend close to ten thousand naira monthly on data. For me, the choice is clear.

If you are one of those people who steal their neighbor’s Wi-Fi, internet is definitely not your problem. So in summary, the choice depends on what you spend more on and not what matters more to you.

Do you feel like Archimedes? I certainly do.

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