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Opinion: Building a Strip Club Opposite a Church 

So here’s the thing: what would you say if a strip club was to be built opposite a church?

This question was thrown to several people and their knee jerk reaction was to say “no”. We can understand their apprehension, really. A church preaches against strip clubs and so, it is only natural that someone would see a strip club near a church as an insult to God.

However, the same Bible that Christians follow is clear about the fact that God doesn’t inhabit a building. Rather, he inhabits us. This means that if you are against a strip club being built opposite a church, you should also be against stepping into a strip club personally.

But enough of the serious side. If a church is built opposite a trip club, you could actually go to the strip club and run into the church if you are trying to deny it. If you need to sneak out for a night party, you can blame it on the vigil in church.

Think about it too: Church services usually take place in the day. Due to the fact that vigils deprive people of sleep, they are not so often. This means that you’re not likely to have the church open during the strip club hours.

There is a possibility that the pastor could decide to head to the church for a solitary vigil and see you, though. In such a situation, you will have to dig deep for the most creative lie you can tell. I would not want to be you.

All, in all, it is possible that a church could be built opposite a strip club. If that happens, turn the messages up louder and  may be you could convert a stripper or two for Christ. You know what they say: when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. Or in this case, when life gives you strippers, make sisters.

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