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Should There Be a Different WhatsApp for Nigerian Parents?
African Parents 101

Should There Be a Different WhatsApp for Nigerian Parents? 

Raise your hand if you’ve blocked mum and dad from viewing your status. You are not alone and your sins are forgiven.

The truth is most of us do not post really terrible things on our statuses. I mean apart from the occasional meme with the sexual innuendo or pun, we are really good children. We block them off because they won’t give us a break.

They want to know everyone we post about and they want a back story to every picture. Sherlock Holmes has nothing on Nigerian parents- their investigative skills are top notch. They will zoom in your picture until their operating system crashes.

If you haven’t blocked your parents off your status, you are one of the lucky ones. However, even you cannot deny that African parents and broadcast messages are like 5 and 6. They will forward every “Yahoo Boy Uses Girl For Ritual” message to you, expect you to read, surmise, and say thank you. They hoard conspiracy theories on everything and believe them vehemently.

Did we forget to mention how they monitor your display pictures? If your parent hasn’t asked you to change your dp, your guardian angel is working overtime.

Wait. We’ve been complaining for a while. Let’s talk about the good sides. Nigerian parents will share at least one prayer to you each day. You don’t have to request for it. They are always ready. They also have a penchant for sharing jokes (funny or not) and memes that they like.

The question is, should there be a different Whatsapp for Nigerian parents? Well, I for one feel that that might be too extreme. I’d be happy if Uncle Zuckerberg could let us set a different dp for our parents to be seeing and block out all the unnecessary bcs as spam. If we give them another Whatsapp, they will still force us to download it. We have carried our cross.

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